Friday, 22 June 2012

So What Has Graphic Embers Been Up To?

So what has been going on with Graphic Embers this week? Well, obviously we have the new blog up and running so we've been talking to brides and suppliers about features and hopefully this is something we can grow into a success in the coming months.

Alongside that I've spent much of this week designing for our handmade range. We have apple themed stationery, Christmas stationery, mini pocket fold invitations which start at a budget friendly £2.80... the list goes on. Today specifically though we've been working on our new Carnival Wedding Invitation which you can see below. I can only apologise for the quality of the images, I hope to have better photographs soon.

As well as this we've been working on some lovely bespoke snowflake stationery for a winter bride, with crystal snowflake embellishments. We're looking into producing a luxury handmade range which will build on this, using crystal embellishments, buckles and lace as well as ribbon.  Keep your eyes open for the range coming soon!

Remember, we run our own website so it is always up to date with new designs and ideas. Alternatively our Facebook page also has galleries of designs available from Graphic Embers.


Angela McGurk
Graphic Embers

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