Friday, 2 November 2012

A Few 2012-2013 Products

We've had a bit of a photoshoot today and have a few images to share of our current range. These aren't all of our products, and our older ranges remain available on request, but here's a small sample of what we are doing.

 Anne Hand Made
 Autumn Patchwork
 Bow Hand Made
 Catherine Hand Made
 Discover Scrapbook/Patchwork
 Dragonflies Scrapbook/Patchwork
 Jane Hand Made
 Laser Cut
 Margaret Hand Made
 Princess Pocketfold Hand Made
 Shell Scrapbook/Patchwork
 Signature Table Plan
 Simplicity Hand Made
Victoria Hand Made

Graphic Embers also produce bespoke designs at no extra cost.

Thank you for reading,

Angela McGurk

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