Thursday, 6 September 2012

Our Inspiration...

I recently found a quote that really called to me, so much so I'm thinking of getting an inspirational poster to go up in the studio. "No dreams come true until you wake up and go to work." This is very true of any wedding industry professional; stationers, dress makers, venues and events dressers, everyone from the cake maker to the car company plays a part in making a dream come true. It's a nice thought that I spend my days creating dreams and when combined with knowing that I can only do this through getting to work, the idea is very motivational. I love my job, I love creating something perfect for my clients. I think all wedding industry professionals should be inspired to go that extra mile because they are trying to create someones dream, something that can only happen once.

Of course, putting the hours in isn't enough. Enthusiasm is essential to creating the dream. I live and breathe my work. If I'm not busy with a client project then I'm designing a new range or making the website better or attending fairs. I don't fit my work as a wedding stationer in around another job, this is what I am and I am truly passionate about it.  I want to develop my skills as a wedding stationer, I want to get better and better at what I do and I want to be able to offer something perfect to each and every client.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

If the wedding professionals you hire are enthusiastic, skilled and truly want to help you create your dream wedding I think you are probably onto a winner.

Angela McGurk

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