Monday, 18 June 2012

Wedding Details

We are also looking for suppliers to submit products to our 'Wedding Details' section. Information on submitting your product or company can be found on our submissions page.  To get started I thought I would make a blog post on one of my favourite Graphic Embers products, our LED wishing tree.

 Photograph courtesy of Jan Rowley

With the increasing popularity of wishing trees we wanted to offer something just that bit different, something in line with our ethos to provide beautiful and stunning products while also offering something unique and memorable. As we already worked closely with a Laser Cutter we saw an opportunity to create a wishing tree to our own design, and taking into account the properties of clear acrylic we decided to add an LED base to the tree. 

The idea was to create a centrepiece that is truly magical, ethereal, mystical. What we came up with was a truly stunning design which not only met that aim but is completely unique to Graphic Embers. Our wishing trees are the first of their kind, with over 8000 colours they can be matched to almost any colour scheme from white to fuchsia. Alternatively we can set the tree to cycle through a number of colours in a range of speeds and fades to give a truly magical effect.

During the day the clear trees appear as elegant ice sculptures, subtle and not overpowering to your other features, your cake and your decorations- unless of course you add bright and bold decorations to the tree! However at night, when the lights go down for the evening do, the tree really comes into its own. Acting as a glowing beacon the tree draws your guests in to write their wishes for you on the message cards, wishes that are said to come alive when placed on the tree. This is a beautiful alternative to the traditional guest book, it certainly won't get lost in the crowd and no one has any excuse for not filling in a card.

Our trees can be decorated in a range of decorations, from clear crystals to bright decorations and even peacock feathers. To see one set up why not visit The Event Dressers in Morpeth who have one of our trees on display in their showroom. Simply make an appointment with them, or contact us to arrange an at home consultation if you live in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear or some areas of County Durham.

The trees are available for hire in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear or some areas of County Durham and prices are available here with options including basic tags, personalised tags and even table plan tags.


Angela McGurk
Graphic Embers

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